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Blackberry Flummery

February 23, 2018
This Blackberry Flummery is such a fresh & fun dessert! Serve chilled topped with whipped cream and fresh blackberries!

I came across this recipe in a VERY old and well worn cookbook I had found in a thrift shop a while back. What in the heck is flummery? Is that what you are thinking right now? Because that's what I was thinking when I read the title of the recipe!


Flummery is a sweet semi set dessert, usually flavored with berries or fruit. After making this blackberry flummery, I would describe it as a cross between a jello and a custard. 

Taco Mac Casserole

February 21, 2018
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This Taco Mac Casserole is a total family favorite dinner! Taco beef, a box of macaroni and cheese, salsa, and cheddar - this is one recipe you're going to make again and again!

Taco Mac Casserole

This Taco Mac Casserole recipe first appeared here on Mostly Homemade Mom over five years ago - and it's become of of the most viewed recipes of all time! Many of you have emailed and messaged me over the years letting me know that this is now a regular family dinner in your home and I'm so happy. It's still a regular on our dinner rotation menu as well! Enjoy the updated photos and easily pinnable graphic at the bottom of this post. Put this one on your menu plan this week, you won't be sorry!

Taco Mac Casserole Recipe

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

February 19, 2018
This Brown Sugar Meatloaf is the perfect weeknight meal! Classic meatloaf with brown sugar in the glaze - so delicious!

I remember my mom making meatloaf quite a few times growing up. It always had this sweet red glaze on top that made the meatloaf absolutely delicious! It was one of the dinners as I kid I remember that everyone in the family enjoyed. Such a classic!

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Paul isn't a huge fan of meatloaf, unfortunately. Well really, not a fan of it at all! It's funny to say this, but in our house, this Brown Sugar Meatloaf is what we call a "kid dinner." Do you do kid dinners at your house?

Overnight Coffee Cake

February 14, 2018
Overnight Coffee Cake is perfect to make for breakfast ahead of time! Letting the batter sit overnight makes this coffee cake recipe irresistible!

When I plan ahead and get things ready for an eventful day ahead of time, I'm always super proud of myself! The main reason is because most of the time when I have a big day ahead, I'm rushing around a few hours before trying to pull it all together. While I know that some people operate absolutely fine with that method, it stresses me out so much!

Overnight Coffee Cake

Guests coming in the morning? Kids to get ready for church the next day? Pop this Overnight Coffee Cake in the fridge and bake it in the morning. You'll be setting yourself up for success, for sure!

Polenta Casserole

February 12, 2018
This Polenta Casserole is an easy family dinner! Polenta topped with homemade meat sauce and cheese - my kids loved this recipe!

I didn't grow up eating polenta so honestly, I wasn't exactly sure what polenta was for the longest time! Last year on a date night, Paul had polenta as the side dish to his dinner entree. He was too into it, but I actually loved it! Of course I had to look up some polenta recipes to try at home.

What is polenta?

Polenta is basically cornmeal made into a porridge or oatmeal consistency. In a lot of dishes, it's used as the base on which other ingredients are layered on top of. Just like in this homemade Polenta Casserole recipe!

Polenta Casserole

Lately, our family has been really trying new ingredients as a way to really mix up our dinners. I've said this before on Mostly Homemade Mom, but I tend to get into a dinner rut a few times each year. Winter is usually one of those times!