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  1. Hi, my boyfriend and I run a blog at, and we're both trying to learn to cook. We're about to add a page about blogs we love, and I thought I would give a heads up about putting yours up there. Let me know if this isn't okay with you! Love your recipes!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the time you spend on making all of these recipes available to help people like me!!! Such wonderful recipes that you have!!!

  3. Hi! All of those recipes look AMAZING and I can't wait to make time to whip up one of these dishes! Do you happen to have any 'Daniel Fast' recipes? I'm on a fast with my church and I need some more meal ideas.

  4. I just found you on Pintrest and am SO excited to try many of your recipes!! Thank you so much for sharing!! I'm looking forward to the next several weeks of new dinners, breakfast treats and desserts for my sweet family!!

  5. I just found your blog via Mandy's Recipe Box. OMG!!! I think I pinned about 50 recipes from you. I love your blog and I'm subscribing now.

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