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Menu Plan Monday 4/11

April 11, 2016
This week's meal plan includes recipes for Taco Mac Casserole, Perfect French Bread Pizza, and more! A yummy week is ahead for our family!

So we started off last week with fairly nice weather and then ended the week with a snowstorm! Of course Saturday was Silas' opening day for his baseball season and I was out there with the scraper brushing snow off of our van. It's no wonder we're all sick with colds - this weather can't make up its mind!

Of course the boys were in their glory. They played outside most of Saturday in the snow. Needless to say the entire downstairs was a mess from them searching for their winter boots, gloves, hats, and other snow gear. I had put it all away not thinking we would be needing them again until next winter. I guess the joke was on me!

Luckily this upcoming week looks a bit nicer. Rainy, but no snow. I don't mind the rain actually. I'm weird like that I guess! I've planned a good variety this week of indulgent dinners and healthy dinners. It's all about balance, right?! ;)

Roasted Veggie Roll Ups leftover meal from last week

Taco Mac Casserole

Grilled Pineapple BBQ Burgers

Breaded Ranch Pork Chops

Crockpot Chicken Spaghetti

Perfect French Bread Pizza

Spaghetti Dinner @ Mom & Dad's House

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