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Crockpot Triple Hot Chocolate

November 16, 2015
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White chocolate, baking cocoa, semi sweet, and unsweetened chocolate slow cook in milk and sugar for this decadent, rich hot chocolate - perfect for any Christmas or holiday party!

Two years ago I had this brilliant idea. I was going to get a miniature Christmas tree, cute mini ornaments, lights, and a bright colored tree skirt, and set it up in the boys' room. At the time, Silas was in his bed, Wesley was still in his crib, and they had a large area in their room between the two to play. So that's just what I did.

Bought all of the adorable mini decorations and tree, including a small string of lights, and set it all up on a spare side table in their room. I left off the little ornaments to have them decorate it the way they wanted to. 

When I showed the boys, 4 and 2 at the time, they were BEYOND excited and got right to work decorating the tree. They were even more excited later that night when I told them that we could leave the lights on at night, kind of like a large night light. 

The next morning, it was trashed. I'm not even joking. About a quarter of the ornaments were still on the tree, the rest were strewn all throughout the room, even the star was missing - I don't think I ever found that one. Thank goodness I didn't buy special ornaments or anything! I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, clearly they were too young for this kind of activity. I was just eager to start doing fun Christmas traditions with them!

Here we are two years later, and they are the PERFECT age for their own Christmas tree! At 6 and 4, they absolutely love their tree - though this time I set it up in a dark corner of a hallway, just in case Wesley gets any strange ideas!

I took them to Walmart to get the tree and trimmings, and we also stopped by the Hallmark Ornaments display and I let them each pick out a special ornament. My plan is to write their name, age, and year on the bottom of the ornament. Each year we'll be able to look back on who/what was their favorite character at that time in their childhood - I'm so excited for this!

I had this Crockpot Triple Hot Chocolate warming while we were out shopping for their tree. It was the absolute perfect drink to sip while decorating the Christmas tree - not super sweet or overly rich, but WAY better than the little instant packets you mix with water. You won't go back to those after you try this hot chocolate, I'm sure!

Crockpot Triple Hot Chocolate

  • 3 cups milk, divided
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup baking cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 oz square bittersweet baking chocolate
  • 1 oz square white chocolate
  • whipped cream, mini chocolate chips
Cooking Directions
  1. Stir 1/2 cup milk, sugar, and baking cocoa together in the bottom of a slow cooker. Whisk until smooth.
  2. Whisk in remaining 2 1/2 cups milk and vanilla. Cover and cook on low for two hours.
  3. Add heavy cream, cover, and cook an additional 15 minutes.
  4. Remove cover and stir in bittersweet baking chocolate square and white chocolate square, stirring until both are melted.
  5. Divide among 4 mugs, top with whipped cream and miniature chocolate chips.

Oh man, this will get your entire family in the holiday spirit I'm sure!

Of course it's no surprise that when I asked Silas which ornament he wanted, he chose a Star Wars ornament. Personally, I think the R2D2 with reindeer antlers is hilarious and I'm glad he picked that one! Wesley has lately been obsessed with the Charlie Brown movies, and I love that he chose Snoopy this year. 

There are a lot more fun characters to choose from, including 16 Walmart exclusives, on the Hallmark Ornament display - there's even resin figurines, Holiday Barbie, new deco figurines, and more. And of course check out the Hallmark Greeting Cards at Walmart as well. These are perfect for gift-giving, too!

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SendHallmark #CollectiveBias
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