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Halloween Recipes and Decor

September 17, 2011

These past few days have been chilly here in Amish Country, PA!! I don't know abou the rest of the people here, but I am loving it. I'm into summer for literally a week and then I'm ready for fall so I am more than happy to break out the sweaters.
This year with two kids, I plan on decorating a bit more for Halloween and Thanksgiving (or fall as a whole). We also have an annual Halloween "party" at our house on trick or treat night. It's a tradition we started two years ago on Silas' first Halloween so that we could walk him around the block while the Grandparents stayed and gave out candy at our house. Last year, he had an absolute blast making cute Halloween cupcakes for everyone and giving them to our "guests". :)
So, I've been bookmarking some really cute Halloween recipes and crafty decor ideas that I've seen around the net. Here's some of my favorites:
Betty Crocker
Hope Studios
Random Thoughts of a Supermom
Joys of Home
It Happened Like This
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  1. These are great -- I'm so excited for fall!! The cobweb cookies would certainly have the wow factor at a party!