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Friday Favorite Finds

July 1, 2011
Wow there are some creative recipes out there this week! Narrowing it down has been hard. Here's what I bookmarked this week (all pictures are from the bloggers listed below):
Breakfast Recipe: Shortcut Cheese Danish
The Country Cook
Seriously, I HAVE to try this next week. I still have crescent rolls in the freezer from the last coupon deal at Weis and these things look awesome!

Kevin & Amanda's Recipes
Oh man do I have a slew of mouth watering bacon recipes just waiting for it to go on sale.

Freezer Friendly Recipe: Friendship Casserole
Newlyweds Blogs
Simple, easy, and cheap are my three top factors for a good freezer recipe. And I know the boys would love this!

Crock Pot Recipe Exchange
Seriously?! Who woulda thought you could make chocolate syrup in the crock pot?? With the amount of "choc milk" requests I get daily, I need to try this.

Frugal Homemade Recipe: Dishwasher Soap
Decor-ganize Crafts
Recipes like this make me think of the Duggars. I'm still working on my stash of Finish Quantamatic and Quantam Gel Pacs that I snagged for FREE at Target after coupons. This recipe is ready to go once we've blown through that stockpile.

There you have it, my favorite finds from cruising the web this week. I'm linking up to Joy In My Kitchen's Friday Favorites.

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  1. Some great finds this week, thanks for sharing my friendship casserole recipe, don't forget it makes 2 9X13! Also thanks for sharing the dishwasher soap recipe, I can't wait to try that.